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The story I am not used to tell

Never Good Enough_

I have a feeling in my chest

From a sad story I am not used to tell

It is about not being accepted

For only being myself

This sad story begins

When I grew up to be someone else

That, honestly, I didn’t want to be

And it took me a long while

To realize that I didn’t actually need

To follow this path in life

That would hurt me so much ‘til I bleed

But I’ve recently realized I am not

Who you thought that I was

And although you would be disappointed

To the point of not looking at me

I am happy ‘cause I’ve found myself

And honestly, the only thing I can say

Is that I am who I am and not someone else


Now I know that I’ve said that this is a sad story

But I am sure that this one actually has a happy ending

And even though I am not yet in the end

I know that this feeling

That maybe I will never be good enough

Is just one of my blind spots

And I know I can overcome these thoughts

Such as all the ones I’ve faced ‘til now

‘Cause although it was tough

They had made me stronger

Without me even noticing how

So thank you for that

For helping me to build who I am today

And now I know that every obstacle I face

Will help me to gain the strength

So I can wake up every day and go back again

To my inner race.




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